A Fashion find & New hot spot to eat!!!

January 27, 2017

This one is for the foody and fashionista inside you. My 23rd birthday is looming and I’m on of those people that doesn’t really ask for anything, of course theres things I want. But as with most amazing women there expensive. I have expensive taste ok! 😉 Long story short my lovely boyfriend decided going shopping and letting me choose something was the sure fire way to get it done. So away we went.

You can never have to many pair of sunglasses right?! That train of thought led me to Bailey Nelson. An amazing eye wear store that sells prescription glasses and sunglasses. Some quirky and amazing designs. Cooper coloured titanium frames through to old school looking clip ons. Bailey Nelson Australia. UK

I went for a classic black pair with a slightly rounded eye. All of their sunglasses are polarised, which is such a massive plus for me. I’d love to upload more pictures of me wearing them but sadly once I’d chosen the ones I wanted, they were hidden away, and are being held captive until my actually birthday in a few days. 🙁 To appease the hungry beast (me) Nick did the only thing you can do in these situations. He fed me! :):)

A place where you can eat a little bit of so many foods, what more could you ask for.

Totally satisfied! Take a look around its shiny and new.

In love with this colour couch, especially as a pop of colour against the monochrome palette.

For those unaware big girls drink Coke in wine glasses. Its fancy.

Now these bad boys are the real money makers. Four prawns wrapped in pastry and fried. Delicious!

It’s not like the usual Yum Cha’s I’ve had experiences with on the Gold Coast, which are more like a frozen packaged dim sim reheating station than a restaurant. I’ve eaten here twice, the first time saw us receiving an onslaught of delicacies, from dim sum, to beef trip, and everything in between. All of the dishes were delicious.

YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!! Find them here.

After some persuading I was permitted supervised visitation with my new little gems. Get them here.

Outfit details:

Bag: Dolce and Gabbana Sicily Bag -> here

Sunglasses: Bailey Nelson -> here

Shorts: Kookai no longer available similar here, here and here.

Top: Mums from the 90’s similarish here.

Jewellery: 10 Ants Jewellery here. There Instagram is the best @10antsjewellery

-jasmine :)x

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    That looks so delicious!!

    • Reply Jazzie January 28, 2017 at 5:00 PM

      It was. Thank you!! 🙂

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