Welcome to TheRose! The Rose has been around in its different forms since 2012 but was re born from the ashes and completely started a fresh in 2014. Here you will find beauty, fashion, food, life, health, and of course travel oh and more food!! It started as a way to keep tract of the new recipes I tested and created and to be able share them with family. It continually grows and changes direction. The best description I can give you now is that this site is ME, I hope you like it.


I am 5ft6in

Currently living on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Studying Linguistics, Italian and Japanese.

Carbs are my nemesis, they hate me but I love them.

I am pale and proud. (Damn Scottish / English / Italian  heritage.)

I have a little brother whose 3 years younger then me.

Frequently Asked question:

Did you make your own website or is it a theme?

My blog is a theme from a freelance source that I then personalised for the needs of The Rose.

What social media are you active on?

My most frequent social media platform is Instagram.

instagram @jazzietennant

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