July 19, 2017

The thing.

The thing about blogging, I love, is having a place to store things. Whether thats recipes, memories or like todays collection of words, thoughts.

I have had a blog in various capacities for over 5 years now, each has lived a short life and then been deleted or abandoned. Why? Because I’ve never felt like these storage spaces I had created for myself, were a true representation of me. I was a teenager when I started, now I’m in my mid-ish twenties, with a person that I cohabitate with in most areas of my life, a degree I’m in my last semester of and a looming future I’m scared and elated to welcome. I have a different head now. It thinks, feels and calculates differently.


The gist.

As an ammeter photographer and self proclaimed rookie editor / content creator, I find my self contemplating the abundance of time I’m about to inherit. How shall I fill it? And how can I fill it with happiness and challenges?


The plan.

Unlike many times before I’ve decided to stand by THEROSE.CO and work through our issues together. She’s agreed to under go a face lift and style makeover, and I’ve agreed to pay more attention to her. We are going to reaffirm our commitment to each other by coming out into society, a new, in September. Cameras have been purchased, tickets have been booked and more experienced people have been consulted.


The reality

This is going to take a considerable amount of work but I’m enthused at the thought of the pursuit.

I will be voluntarily removing myself from my boyfriend and family for a period of 4 months, and embarking upon a self discovery quest with my person (off)(Grey’s Fans?) . To a place that doesn’t speak my mother tongue nor experience a constant 20*C+ climate.


jasmine x

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