Cow-ch your buts and prepare to be Udder-ly impressed..

February 8, 2017

New desert bar has opened up near me and its called Cow-ch. The story goes that there were two cows in love with naughty secrets they both indulged in sweat treats. One in lollies and the other in ice-cream. They decided to combin they’re passions and made Cow-ch.

Flavour upon flavours of handmade custom flavours of ice cream.

and all different kinds of desserts.

Me and all my friends ready to digg into some deserts.

Exact Playsuit here.

No but seriously where’s my food.

 My hate for chocolate still stands I’ve just never liked it. In saying that I can appreciate a good looking cup of hot chocolate. A smores hot chocolate to be exact (for the BFF).

I mean look at this cup!!! Its Udder-ly perfect!!

Froot Loops were always a no go when I grew up so now whenever they’re available.. it’s on!!! With a side of churo’s, cake base crumble, and two custom scoops of ice cream! YUMMMM. Ok am I the only one that panics after ordering food, at the thought that you ordered wrong. Which I did. Should have out some sort of syrup on this bad boy, it was slightly dry.

check them out here

-jasmine x 🙂

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