From Dubai….

January 19, 2017

This was my first trip to Dubai, I had no expectation going in, it had never been somewhere I had thought to travel. But by a happy coincidence caused by an extended layover I found my self exploring part of the UAE.

One word impression: ‘WOW’.

I ate Iraqi food for the first time and have been trying to recreate the soup I had for my entree ever since. I visited the Gold Souk, which is to vast and golden in colour to even begin to describe, but here goes. Imagine a tunnel and instead of dirt or concrete forming the walls its this bright orangey shinny stuff. Made up of uncountable amounts of jewellery, from chains, to rings, to piercings and everything in between. Trust me when I say you haven’t seen gold until you’ve walked through this mecca.

I will say this: I travel like a local I like to find the hidden places where tourist don’t venture and a truer representation of the place. Which is generally fine and I’ve never had any trouble. Whilst I didn’t have any trouble in Dubai there was more then one occasion where I was thankful for my 6ft4 boyfriend, and the fact that (although I was sweating my brains out) I’d worn jeans and a long sleeve top. If your respectful and aware of your surroundings you shouldn’t have any issues but I just thought I’d pop that in, for those who travel like me. 🙂

Dubai Mall:

In one section of this massive and I mean MASSIVE mall you can walk into a store and feel like you’ve been transported into a Parisian bakery, full to the brim with macaroons and hand crafted chocolate. The next shop takes you to a different time and dimension as you find yourself inside Ginny’s bottle from Aladin!!

Whilst sifting threw these gorgeous stores and being teased by the constant onslaught of home decor’ inspiration, I discovered a modern day form of torture forced upon us by airlines ‘weight allowance’. I mean look at these pieces! Just beconing for you to redecorate or add flare you’ve been missing from your life.

I feel quiet confident in saying that you won’t find a mall that has a full sized dinosaur skeleton,  multi story waterfall, and aquarium which you are able to walk through and float on, in any other shopping mall. Its definitely somewhere you have to experience to truely appreciate.

If you do find yourself in Dubai Mall do yourself a favour and get a map, make a plan, and designate a meeting spot. I got lost more then once, only to meet up with my group of 9 people and discover we had all been walking for more then 2 hours and never once crossed paths.

Until next time UAE

x Jasmine


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